2016 New Year Resolutions

Happy 2016!

I have always written out a list of goals I’d like to accomplish each year. Some years are more productive than others; yet looking back, I have found that I have achieved 50% of what I planned to accomplish – those goals that I didn’t get to (or forgot about – or lost the motivational steam to propel me forward) generally occurred through default anyway.

So many successes and many bombs. But last year, I decided to put my 2015 New Year Resolutions out to the public {in a short video that never happened}, but you can read about it here. I have found that making my goals public, I am held accountable. There’s an undeniable power in networking, reaching out for support, and being someone else’s anchor.

This year, I am getting a very late start on even developing goals that I’d like to achieve in 2016. Family, in this case, has been a priority. My role has changed – I am now primary caregiver to my aging parents, one of who, had terminal cancer (passed March 2016). Struggling with the additional responsibilities is an understatement. It’s been quite a journey over the past few months.

So without further adieu …

MY 2016 New Year Resolutions

Last year I attempted to lay the foundation for the life I want to live. I intended to live each day with absolute intention, live life passionately, clean up past obligations, re-energize my relationships (causing others to feel special with me, because they are special), set some family traditions, love my work, improve my physical (exercise) and emotional well-being (Pancakes for the Soul: enjoying life in small bites – laughing), and serve my community. 

{The first 6 months of 2015 were an absolute success. I accomplished most of what I intended. And then life took a turn … This year, I am continuing what I began in 2015 because I feel that I was on a solid path, and still those goals have importance to me.}

This is shaping up to be a DREAM COME TRUE YEAR
3-Month Goals in 2016
Stay Focused ~ Expect Slow Progress
Success Will Come

By June 30, 2016, I WILL accomplish the following:
Big Goal #1: I WILL be an effective LEADER of my own life! (Developing a reset strategy)
Big Goal #2: I WILL effortlessly participate in one Deliberate Creator course (Starting this week)
Big Goal #3: I WILL enthusiastically participate in an election campaign
Big Goal #4: I WILL quickly pay off all bills (except student loans) – and make timely payments on other bills
Big Goal #5: I WILL steadily replace my current income with Kindle, Amazon and ClickBank Income (year-end goal: $2,760/mo: April: $100, May: $600, June: $800)
Big Goal #6: I WILL creatively implement a FUN work environment 
Big Goal #7: I WILL easily become a savvy shopper (Slow progress here, but making strides)
Big Goal #8: I WILL happily plan family activities to relieve boredom
Big Goal #9: I WILL easily save and invest in my future
Big Goal #10: I WILL efficiently commit to my daily routine and Hour of Power

The first hour is the rudder of the day — The Golden Hour ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Big Goal #11: I WILL easily book and pay for a cruise to take place in 2017 (Was postponed from 2015)
Big Goal #12: I WILL regularly make birthdays & holidays a BIG DEAL
Big Goal #13: I WILL be a DEVOTED family member – I WILL comfortably and easily commit to our family
Big Goal #14: I WILL effortlessly choose positive thoughts and move toward a more positive and fulfilling life
Big Goal #15: I WILL effortlessly read 1 book per month (alternate between self-help and books for enjoyment)
Big Goal #16: I WILL openly listen to understand and NOT pass judgement on or about that person. I WILL lovingly exude COMPASSION and WISDOM.
Big Goal #17: I WILL easily participate in the 100 Day Challenge
Big Goal #18:  I WILL easily set up a donation closet for diabetics.

Thoughts Become Things … Choose the Good Ones!

Notice for each goal that I wasn’t vague.

For example, I didn’t say I want to earn more money. I defined a particular amount, a source, and a timeframe. Goals should be SMART.

I’ve listed 18 commitments that I plan on showing up for throughout the first quarter in 2016. I will post updates and blog about the progress of each goal, along with the steps I took to achieve each one.

I’m excited for this next chapter in my life.

APCSite, is my tapestry – my work of art – my masterpiece. And through it, I hope to inspire others to develop the courage to design life the way they envision it to be,  and to master the skills needed that will take them on that journey.

Never stop dreaming!

Tell me:

1) What are your goals for 2016?

2) How to you hold yourself accountable?

3) How successful have you been in keeping those commitments to yourself?

Here’s to a prosperous 2016!

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