Change Your Vibration and Get Paid

You’ve loaned out money and the person seems to have defaulted on the promissory note.

Or, you’ve performed a service and haven’t been paid for your work yet.

How do you get paid?

Let it go …

That’s right, you heard me. Let. It. Go.

The point here is to shift the energy that’s flowing. If you are signaling feelings of being upset, angry, fearful, frustrated … guess what? That is what you’re asking to Universe to deliver and the Universe is surely not going to disappoint.

You need to align your vibration with what it feels like to have received the money due you.

Here is an example of how I changed my money vibration:

A few years ago, I rented an apartment for my son, with the understanding that he would pay the monthly rent. As time passed, he fell further and further behind in paying the rent (3-4 months). I began to receive calls from the property owners. I felt frustrated and dread. The overall assumption was, that was what my son was going to do. He would be evicted, and that would appear on my legal and credit records. I would owe thousands of dollars, because the apartment was rented in my name. I vibrated owing money.

A few months ago, he said he was moving and was going to abandon the apartment. For a brief moment, I felt dread at the obvious outcome. But then, I decided to shift  my vibration. I visualized that my son would do the right thing and I LET IT GO. I got out of the Universe’s way. A few days later, he called me and told me he caught up on rent and decided not to move. He did this because he didn’t want to hurt my credit.

You see, it’s not my business to decide HOW or WHEN something will happen. That is the Universe’s job. My job is to just decide WHAT will happen. I decided my son would do the right thing and he did.

He’s never done the right thing before, but that’s what I expected. And I got what I vibrated. This was what I would consider to be a virtual payment to me.

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