Love ThySelf

Love thyself.

The most powerful thing you can do right now to radically improve your life, is to learn to love and value yourself.

Nothing feels better in the Universe than to love. Notice I did not say be loved. I said love.

When you are out in the world looking for love, and do not find it, you assign your own worth upon that action: Not receiving love, therefore, you are not worthy of love. You have, in effect, extinguished your own self-worth.

There is a difference between loving yourself and being someone who loves. But none of it hinges on being loved in return. Bashar says:

Emotional states that lead to mental states (depression) stem first and foremost from devaluation of the self. Therefore the primary ingredient in all such realignment is the valuation of the individual.

Allow yourself to feel your value, your worth, your deservability. Allow yourself to be loved, supported, and deserving of being nurtured. Invite it. When it is meant to come into your life, it will be. Once you truly know that you have value just because you exist, your own self love will grow.

How Do You Love Thyself?

Each day, I have several affirmations and incantations that I repeat. One of them is about under what conditions do I especially feel self love. Another is about how I love myself, my life, and my family.

Go out of the way for yourself. Treat yourself the way you’d treat someone you love. That does not necessarily mean to spend money, however, it is nice to be attentive to yourself and your needs.

Intentionally loving who you are, just because you exist and deserve nothing less, showing yourself kindness, and forgiving yourself for any shortcomings are all very powerful actions that will transform your life in unbelievable ways.



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