My Ultimate Manifesting Miracle

miracleOver the years, I have manifested many miracles into BEING. I used to say that I have the power to move mountains. However, now I know that these miracles are not in fact miracles, they are what the Universe has already set up for me.

These happenings come to pass at exactly the right time – not necessarily my time; and therein lies the basis for learning how to attract what you want.

I knew I was destined to move back to New York. I had tried for years to secure employment that would take me from where I was to where I wanted to be, all to no avail. Fail after fail … I had almost given up. The universe had a different life mapped out for me, and I really needed to let it go.

I did find a decent job in Florida (in addition to my part-time teaching gig). It was a really good job as a Military Sales Rep fro Kraft Foods. Great benefits, great pay, part-time hours. Easy-peasy. While helping out at another store, I met a District Manager who oversaw the stores in …


And he needed a new Sales Rep for the store at WEST POINT (45 minutes from where I wanted to be).


The Universe delivered the transfer after being an employee at Kraft Foods for only 4 months.

But here’s the kicker … I left a place I loved to be in a place that I felt I needed to be. BUT, working at West Point SUCKED! I, along with many other sales reps from different companies, felt defeated before we even walked through the door each morning.

I had tried to secure employment teaching, but NYS is not reciprocity friendly – they say they are, but what they say and what they do, are complete opposites.

I knew my resistance to staying in a job I hated was adding power to that very reality I didn’t want.

I also knew there was a reality where I would be doing what I loved, my soul specialization – the joy I felt in teaching others. That’s the one I wanted to experience again.

But my resistance to the present reality was keeping me stuck in it.

It was around that time that I heard Bashar advise to:

Do only those things you really believe you need to do, in order to keep life moving along the way it is, and do everything else you really want to do that you can cram into a day.

That statement resonated with me in a deeply profound way. After 2 years, I finally gave up with trying to find another job. I just decided to learn to enjoy my work and if a change was on the horizon, the Universe will deliver at just the right time.

I did what I needed to do – continuing to work at Kraft Foods – in order to keep life moving along the way it was. I was at peace with what was.

I thought about how Abraham says life just continues to get better and better. That whenever contrast happens (the resistance I felt working at West Point), it just fuels new desires and as long as we go along with that new desire, life can only improve.

I became seriously open to whatever the Universe had in store for me. And with that I felt my attachment to finding a new job diminish. I felt myself being okay with staying at West Point. I felt peace in my heart with whatever might happen next.

And then it happened in early December. I was hired to teach for my local college.

The miracle for me isn’t just that I was offered my dream job. That in itself is totally cool …

… but the true miracle was realizing my ability to accept the very thing I wanted least.

To be able to make peace with the ultimate ‘don’t want’ and to know that something amazing and fabulous was on its heels … That was worth celebrating.

I consider it one of my most impressive successes to have found better feeling thoughts in the face of (my own self-imposed) extreme contrast.

Releasing attachment to what I wanted most was quite a challenge. But if I can do that, anything is possible.

What’s your favorite manifesting success? Think on it for a few seconds to activate a really nice vibration.

And share it in the comments if you like!

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