Don’t quit.

Follow through.

See it through to the end.

If you stay with it, you will receive the precious gifts of insight and wisdom.

Insight into who you truly are and what you’re made of.

Wisdom that can only be found by digging a little deeper.

Like mining the most private parts of your inner being for the gold nuggets nestled deep inside your soul.

That kind of discovery takes time.

That kind of discovery requires you to persevere.

What do you give up in exchange for quitting?

You give up your power.

Giving up exposes your weaknesses.

And those are the parts of yourself that need strengthening.

I used to run and hide from my problems. Funny thing is, they always found me again.

I realized this was my pattern, and now I’m no longer running.

I’m fully engaged in each experience: good, bad, or down-right ugly messes.

I show up for all of it.

I’m diving deeper and challenging myself to go further.

The Universe is on my side.

Purposeful Perseverance. Are you in?

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