Side Work

One of my goals is to generate extra income. After looking at a very dismal budget, I realized that I am short approximately $500/month. That is, my outgo exceeds my income. Since spending generally gives me chest pains, I am limited to the everyday living expenses (I admit to occassionally giving into whims). However, that leaves no room for emergency expenses or having to foot the bill for something unexpected – like the endless amount of activities and spirit paraphernalia offered at my son’s school (you can only say no so many times …)

  • I applied for a position as a Mystery Shopper & Auditor over at BestMark. I will keep you updated as to whether I am hired or not, and if I am, how it’s going financially.
  • I have offered my services as a tutor, but so far no bites (not even a nibble).
  • I have signed up for some surveys, but so far, have not qualified for any at Pinecone. I also signed up for Consumer Village (which pays in Amazon Gift Cards and that speaks to the nerd side of my psyche), National Consumer Panel

Your Turn: What do you do for side-work to earn extra income? Do you have any tips for our readers?

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