Student Loan Debt is the Devil in Disguise

In a country full of prosperity (or so they say), it’s a tad shocking that so many Americans have accumulated an astronomical amount of student loan debt. I blame the public school system for lying to students (this among countless other lies they want your kids to believe). YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO TO COLLEGE TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!!


Personal Case Study: 5 grandchildren (all girls)

  1. Bachelor’s Degree and makes approx $50K/year
  2. Master’s Degree and makes approx $60K/year
  3. Master’s Degree and makes approx $100K/year
  4. 2 Master’s Degrees and makes approx $40K/year
  5. Barely made it through high school; chose trade school; makes approx $300K/year

Perhaps ill-advised, but offered up from life experiences, unless you absolutely must attain a college degree for your chosen career path (i.e. being a lawyer or doctor), then save your money and go to a trade school or apprentice for someone. Consuming student loan debt is not worth the added life stress. I have found numerous testimonials from college grads who cannot find work that matches their degree or cannot find work at all. It’s a shameful state for the U.S.

If you insist upon attending one of our fine institutions for higher education, please begin at your local community college. You will spend the first 2 years at university ticking off general courses. Why not learn on the cheap and attend a community college, which are a fraction of the cost of a 4 year university – and you receive the same education. Your credits will transfer. This is offered up on the advice of a Professor (yours truly).

My final piece of advice is that if you must take out student loans, then use them only for tuition and books. DO NOT use them for your living expenses (this is why I have nearly $160K in student loan debt). Yes, my ex and I worked, but we were too busy trying to keep up with the Joneses (good, right? NOT!) … hence, part of the reason why we are divorced and I am stuck footing the bill. It is the Devil in Disguise …

What do you think about accruing student loan debt?

(Please refrain from the negative – bashing people for having debt – ALL of us make poor choices in our lifetime  – this site focuses on turning around those choices; everday is a fresh start to do it better.)


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